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Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Aleksandra - West Springfield, Ma

After divorce, going through shelter, court, moving from the west to east coast with my autistic non-verbal child. We moved here, a completely unknown place. Starting everything from zero. It was then that I "accidentally" find your station - it brought me to tears and I felt the worries I was carrying on my shoulder just wash away. This is the only station Im listening from now on! Thank you!

Kristin - Chicopee, MA

I dealt with a lot of stress the past couple of days and when driving home Monday afternoon I turned the Q 99.7 on and Worn by Tenth Avenue North came on. I felt it spoke to me due to so much that I've been through in my life and I started feeling so much better. Then when a song by Kutless finished, a prayer was said by the DJ that day mentioning God's purpose and trusting in Him and I almost cried feeling God finally and has been hearing me all this time so I thank you so much for playing music that really touches the heart when you need it most. I also wanted to mention I'm currently a student at Holyoke Community College and was one of the many students evacuated on Tuesday afternoon and I wanted to also thank you for your radio station helping me keep my emotions under control as I was leaving and driving home afraid and fearing what was happening. It really brought me ease and comfort. Thank you again and God Bless You for all you do!

Deja Cradle - Springfield, MA

I had to write and tell you guys thanks for encouraging all of your listeners. On august 20,2015 my mom and I were displaced by a house fire, our emotions were everywhere. Listening to you guys helped calm our anxiety and kept our spirits high!!! Every time I felt down you guys played the right song!!! By the grace of god we will be blessed to go back to our home by Christmas.. How ironic is that?

Nicole - South Hadley, Ma

I have been having a rough few months financially which affects me emotionally. This station keeps me going. The songs reminds me that I'm not alone and God has a better plan for me and my life.

Jillian - South Hadley, MA

One morning I was looking for some good music, different from the same songs that other stations seem to repeat endlessly, and I loved the song I heard on 99.7 so I continued listening and then the dj did a morning prayer which positively effected my whole day. Since then I remember to pray on my morning car rides (while listening to the Q of course!)

Kaya - Springfield, Ma

I would like to thank Nate & Leslie because as I was driving this morning to drop my youngest son off they said something that brought tears to my eyes. They let me know that I can't do this alone. I am struggling with my oldest son who is falling into the streets. And I would love for the Q family to help me pray for him and his safety. As a mom I'm scared every time I hear a young person has been hurt or who's life has been taken. I need prayer not just for my son but for all the children young and old.

Mitchelly - Springfield, Ma

The Q 99.7 has helped me reconnect with God, through the music. It has been very inspiring and refreshing to be reminded how wonderful God is and that although we may feel alone, he is always there waiting for us. Thank you for playing songs that speak to our heart.

Frank - Springfield, MA

I stopped at McDonalds for lunch on Allen Street and the woman in front of me paid for my lunch at the drive up. I was pleasantly surprised and when I got to the window to pay the clerk she gave me a note about Q99.7 "the drive through difference". I look forward to doing this for someone as well. I know have found a new station that I never heard of before. Thank you for a very nice experience and making my day.

Mimi - Springfield , Ma

For King and country's song "Shoulders" has been powerful & healing for me in growing through my pain of longing to know my biological father, who denied me. My pain brings on confusion and a lot of other emotions. I close my eyes and envision myself on my Abba Fathers shoulders and HE is running and I am bouncing on HIS shoulders! God has adopted me. I am HIS daughter. I am is beloved. There have been so many times I have asked & prayed and God always delivers. Thank you to The Q99.7 family!

Anonymous - Springfield, MA

I listen to The Q 99.7 when I am down. The Q 99.7 is always there to lift me up. My personal favorite is 'Whom Shall I Fear' by Chris Tomlin. Whenever I hear it I know that I should not fear because God is always with me. God is the one I should be looking to for comfort not anything else. The God of angel armies is always (not sometimes) by our side.

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