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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Lynette - Chicopee, MA

The Q 99.7 has helped me because God has been working on many areas of my life. When I feel like I'm not good enough for God, or that He could never use me, there is always an encouraging song to lift me up and let me know He loves me, faults and all.

laura - springfield, ma

As a new found Christian sometimes it gets hard to walk away from my old life but when those times come I turn on Q 99.7 close my eyes and its like every song is for me. My kids love this sation it stirs up conversations about christ with them they to learn about faith. Thank you so much for everything you guys do!

Alexandra - Springfield, Ma

After divorce, going through shelter, court, moving from the west to east coast with my autistic non-verbal child. We moved here, a completely unknown place. Starting everything from zero. It was then that I "accidentally" find your station - it brought me to tears and I felt the worries I was carrying on my shoulder just wash away. This is the only station Im listening from now on! Thank you!

Nicole - South Hadley, Ma

I have been having a rough few months financially which affects me emotionally. This station keeps me going. The songs reminds me that I'm not alone and God has a better plan for me and my life.

Cristina - Springfield, MA

I wanted to share how this station has pointed me back to God. I recently transferred sites and have a co-worker who faithfully listens to your station on a daily basis. In some ways, without me knowing it, God used her to assist in deciding to give my all to Him. I just made the decision to this weekend to continue to follow Him. I no longer want to listen to music of the world and even listen to this station at home. I guess in a crazy way I participated in the 30 day challenge and couldn't resist to turn back to the Lover of my soul.

Yeseida - holyoke, ma

The music inspires me every day to try my best every day and never give up! From ab7 year old :-) Have a blessed day!

Ana - Springfield, MA

Q99.7 has being a blessing and comfort during one if my saddest moments of my life. I just loss my dad last month and during this process I feel that I was about to fall but the song 'Bless The Lord oh my soul' reminds me that no matter how difficult and dark life could be, my soul must praise his name. This song lifted up my soul and when I heard it that day,I started to sing it and between tears I felt God consoling me. Thank you so much, Q99.7!

Kyle and Karina - Westfield, MA

God has helped us during many tough times and helped us to rely on him more every day, with 3 children and both of us going through college and stress. I have recently finished and God has blessed me with a great job and a new home for our family. God tells us every day I have everything in plan for you and will always provide your needs. All of our financial needs were met during these times.

Kathiria - Springfield, Ma

The Q99.7 has helped me meditate in the car while I drive to my destination. When I begin to feel alone I turn on the station and listen to all the uplifting music and realize that I am no one without God I cant move forward. God has used the Q to help me in my early battles within myself.

Janis - Westfield, Ma

I love starting my day in the best way and the Q 99.7 does just that sharing positive bible quotes first thing in the morning. I just got my license and I love having the Q 99.7 on because I know God is driving right next to me in the car, it has opened me up to drive away my fear of driving and driving alone.

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