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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Elizabeth - West Springfield, Ma

The Q 99.7's free concerts are a blessing and wonderful night out. I haven't been to a concert in a long, long, time. I really enjoyed being a part of the OBB and Jonathan Thulin concerts. This was the first time for me to be at a concert worshiping God with many brothers and sisters whom I do not know. It gave me a hint of what it will be like when we are all in heaven. This was a huge blessing which I enjoyed immensely. Thank you for providing this for us. May God keep blessing your outreach to the local area.

Patricia - Springfield, Ma

I wanted to send this comment in appreciation to Nate in the morning. His prayers are very powerful and he is so connected with God. When he prays I feel God speaking directly into my spirit. Thank you Nate for your boldness in Christ.

Noelia - Springfield, MA

I am a high school teacher and every day when I am coming from work I listen the music from the Q 99.7 and that is very helpful because help me to renew after a very hard day.

Deja Cradle - Springfield, MA

I had to write and tell you guys thanks for encouraging all of your listeners. On august 20,2015 my mom and I were displaced by a house fire, our emotions were everywhere. Listening to you guys helped calm our anxiety and kept our spirits high!!! Every time I felt down you guys played the right song!!! By the grace of god we will be blessed to go back to our home by Christmas.. How ironic is that?

Keilys - Springfield, MA

I listen to the radio station everyday when I'm driving!! And I have a 8 month old daugther and when she listens to the song 'YOU ARE' she starts to move her hands like she praising the Lord and I LOVE IT!!! I GIVE THANKS TO GOD EVERYDAY FOR HER, she's a miracle!!!

Donna - Hampden, MA

I don't have a special story right now but The Q 99.7 helps me EVERY day. Every now and then, I think I want to listen to the country station that I listened to before I discovered The Q. I might listen to it for 30 minutes or so but before I know it, The Q is 'calling me' and I have to change the station! I feel incomplete without it on the radio. Thank you all so much for the blessing you are in my life.

Ana - Springfield, MA

Q99.7 has being a blessing and comfort during one if my saddest moments of my life. I just loss my dad last month and during this process I feel that I was about to fall but the song 'Bless The Lord oh my soul' reminds me that no matter how difficult and dark life could be, my soul must praise his name. This song lifted up my soul and when I heard it that day,I started to sing it and between tears I felt God consoling me. Thank you so much, Q99.7!

Laurie - West Springfield, MA

I was so grateful for the songs that were played the second full week in September. I was struggling on my job and there was encouragement with scripture throughout the day. Then I had even greater promises given to me in song and scripture the day my job changed~ thanks so much for your ministry outreach to keep my focus heavenward!

David Pino - Enfield, CT

I want to say thank you to the person who paid for my coffee this morning at DD in Enfield. They left a note with the cashier from Q99.7. This unexpected generosity really started my day off on a positive note. It also made me think that, even with all the negativity that we hear everyday on the news, there are many good people out there spreading positivity through their actions. Thanks again!

Brittany-Ann - Springfield, MA

This past week my husband and I were having a really rough time. We were both very upset and hurt, and were at a loss with each other. I was having a very difficult time with my shortcomings as a wife, and was unsure of what to do. As I was driving down the highway to my daughter's school, the song 'Restore' by Chris August came on. It was so perfect, I broke out in tears. I prayed for the strength to be a better wife. That song made a huge impact on how I was looking at what was going on. I played the song for my husband, and he hugged me right away. When it came on the radio again a short time later, he actually asked me if going to church was something that really meant that much to me, and that he would try it if that's what would make me happy! I couldn't believe my ears and I started thanking God immediately! A huge weight had been lifted knowing that somehow between myself and the music, something had ministered to my husband! Thank-you so much for all you do through Him @ The Q 99.7.

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