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Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Ana - Springfield, MA

Q99.7 has being a blessing and comfort during one if my saddest moments of my life. I just loss my dad last month and during this process I feel that I was about to fall but the song 'Bless The Lord oh my soul' reminds me that no matter how difficult and dark life could be, my soul must praise his name. This song lifted up my soul and when I heard it that day,I started to sing it and between tears I felt God consoling me. Thank you so much, Q99.7!

Mimi - Springfield, MA

The Q blessings me 99.7 times and then some. Ths songs... Encourage me, answer my prayers, lift my Spirit, convict me, direct me, and SOoo much more! I am grateful for this ministry. In Jesus name I pray you will be abundantly blessed! I pray for financial provision beyond what you could even hope for!

Donna - Hampden, MA

I don't have a special story right now but The Q 99.7 helps me EVERY day. Every now and then, I think I want to listen to the country station that I listened to before I discovered The Q. I might listen to it for 30 minutes or so but before I know it, The Q is 'calling me' and I have to change the station! I feel incomplete without it on the radio. Thank you all so much for the blessing you are in my life.

Jolene - Enfield, Co

Getting back to the early morning routines school brings, as soon as the kids are on the bus, I can breathe, sit down with a cup of coffee, then turn on The Q 99.7 while I start on the housework. The music uplifts my mood, relaxes me and puts my heart back where it needs to be so that I can keep being a mom.

Christopher - Springfield, Ma

You have No Idea how you & the music on your station saw me through my darkest days... No Idea.... I remember walking on Christmas day 2012... for 4 the cold.. listening to the music i found on The Q 99.7. I was abandoned by my wife.. and Separated from my kids.. ... I had tears on my face.. and on your station was I NEED YOU Plumb. It was a moment in my life that i will never forget.. it was painful yet hopeful.. God Has a Perfect Plan.... Thank You .. thank you thank you! for what you do.. It Really means so much!

Florence - Granby, Ma

I started listening to The Q a little over a year ago and it really got me through a difficult year with the grace of God. We lost a baby
granddaughter and my husband became gravely ill all at the same time. Songs like "Just be Held" and "Thy Will" made me cry all the way to work but also worked to heal and get me through each day. Things are finally settling down a bit and I was able to help a little
financially to this great radio station that is so important to me.

Amanda - Southwick, MA

I cant put into words how much this radio station has impacted my life. I listen to the Q 99.7 everyday. Through the ups and the downs these songs keep me going. So many times I have been stressed or struggling with my home life or work life and the right song comes on at the right moment and it brings me to tears. It is a constant reminder that God is always listening and is always here for us even during those low moments. I believe God has spoken to me many times through the music and the message. Having been away from attending church this station has kept my faith strong and also given me the courage to want to find a church again. I love that the listeners are referred to as the "Q family" because that is what it feels like. I feel connected to a group of people I have never met but it is no nice to know that so many people out there are being touched by God through the music the same way I am. The Q 99.7 you have a profound impact on my life, thank you for all that you do!

Patrice - Springfield, MA

As a high school teacher in the Springfield Public School system, I hear many tragic stories about my student's home lives. Listening to the Q on the way into work reminds of who I am, what I was made for, everlasting hope and often feeds my spirit with scripture. My heart is prepared to remind my students that there is hope even on the darkest day because I know who God is. Thank you, for helping the word reach my ears and my heart every day.

Donna - West Springfield, Ma

We are dealing with the passing of a loved one and "Even If" by Mercyme has been a song that has touched me over and over. As her life on earth ends and her forever begins in heaven, it is awesome to know that we have a God who loves us and will take care of us, even if... Joshua Micah’s song "Parachute" has also been extremely comforting. Thank you for being here!

Anonymous - Springfield, MA

I listen to The Q 99.7 when I am down. The Q 99.7 is always there to lift me up. My personal favorite is 'Whom Shall I Fear' by Chris Tomlin. Whenever I hear it I know that I should not fear because God is always with me. God is the one I should be looking to for comfort not anything else. The God of angel armies is always (not sometimes) by our side.

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