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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Lori - Agawam, MA

I listen to Nate Thomas in the mornings on my way to work. This morning I heard the still small voice of God through the Q 99.7 I was really upset by some events in my life recently and wondering why things were not going our way and why we keep having bad news fall on us. After I dropped off my son at school I just felt empty and sad. The Bible verse right then and there was about being sad and dissappointed and trusting in God. Then right after was a song about God not giving us more than we can handle. After that I felt a peace within me that I haven't felt in a VERY long time. It helped me through the day and gave me re-newed sense of hope.

Donna - Westfield, MA

I have had to adjust to some difficult changes in my life recently. Over the past year my heart has been broken and broken again, but with the Q 99.7 i stay focused, positive, and never forget how much I am loved.

Martha - Springfield, Ma

I am so grateful to have come across The Q 99.7! You have become a part ofmy life. I listen daily. You have touched my soul and reinforced my faith. Recently my difficulties have been many. I know that Gods' plan for me is greater than the tests of faith thrown at me. The Q 99.7 is encouraging and allows me to thank God for all my blessings!

Angie - Holyoke,

The Q 99.7 helped me help a friend who was feeling down and i didint know what to say to him. Then i heard the song "Here for a Reason" and it was perfect for his situation. I dedicated the song to him and it really helped him out. Helping him made me happy. Thanks for everything. This station is truly a blessing.

Melissa - Enfield, MA

I was told back in September that I was being laid off in the spring of 2013. So I have been looking around and been on some interviews. It def has been up and down since then and just gicing it to God each day. The perfect job was told to be by word of mouth. I dropped off my resume that next day after I was told. The company called me the next day and I interviewed with them Monday and then they called me to come in today. Just when I pulled in the song Blessings by Laura Story started playing. God was totally involved in that! He knew I needed to hear that song and I knew right then I landed the job. Hours later I was offered the job and the job is more then I ever thought possible. God is so good and blessed me beyong measure. I love the Q 99.7. I always hear a song I need to hear at such the right moment and it's always positive and uplifting and draws me more closer to God each day. You guys are great and your music and words are making eternal value for so many. Thank you!

John - East Longmeadow, MA

While going through a very public and painful divorce the music that I heard on the Q 99.7 reminded me of God's presence in my life, His healing grace and His greater purpose for me. While feeling cut off and abandoned by so many friends, the music helped me to feel the connection to a greater community than my own and in that way took some of the loneliness away. You folks are doing a vital service to the community in this area, more than you know, thank you.

Renee - Springfield, Ma

I want to thank you for all that you guys do. I wish I could pledge, but my spouse does not allow me to do much of anything with the money. I will be praying for The Q 99.7 though, between you and my wonderful church family I feel so blessed. I sing out loud while listening in the car.

arretina - , ma

I have been fighting stage IV lung cancer for 5+ years. It has been a real roller coaster journey with ups and downs, but God has been with me this entire journey. He has blessed me with every minute every second that I am breathing and living whether or not its a good day or a bad day. I got the opportunity to meet and pray with Pam and Tim staff at the Q.It was an incredible experience! I also got to donate and deliver valentines to the elderly in local nursing homes. Heavenly father I am so blessed by you! IT IS ENCOURAGING to be able to pass you're grace onto others that need it!! I just purchased tickets for OBB concert tomorrow I cannot wait to get some spiritual healing hallelujah amd a huge AMEN!!!!

Jolene - Enfield, CT

Like far too many others, I suffer from depression. The other night, I was overcome by it (again), and spent hours crying asking myself why I bother doing anything since it doesn't really matter anyway. I hate myself for needing medication to feel normal. I hate myself for being unable to lean on Jesus more. Why can't prayer and time in his Word be enough? Why isn't he healing me? As I was driving home, sobbing, wishing I wouldn't wake up in the morning, 'Who You Are' by Unspoken began playing on The Q. As I got home, certain lyrics were replaying in my mind -- 'Come back from wherever you've been to the foot of the cross, to the feet of Jesus.' 'Every day you put your feet on the floor, you gotta walk through the door. It's never going to be easy, but it's all worth fighting for.' I felt like Jesus was right next to me with an arm around my shoulder saying, 'I still love you, no matter how ugly you think you are inside. I think you're beautiful and perfect. And no matter what your day brings, you have to keep fighting, and I'll be right here helping you to put one foot in front of the other.' Thank you for choosing to play music that encourages people to keep putting their feet on the floor.

Lisa - Hampden, MA

My brother has a form of lymphatic leukemia and it has lifted me in spirit while hearing the music to pray in song for his healing from Jesus. I am so grateful to God for your wonderful music. Keep lifting and blessing His people. Love you guys.

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